A Note from Dr. Smith:

Mark Twain said, "The only way to keep your health is to eat what you donít want, drink what you donít like, and do what youíd rather not."

Fortunately, thereís a more pleasant way to maintain health than what Twain suggested. Personally, I wish Iíd known that before incorporating kale smoothies into my breakfast fare, downing any number of foul tasting herbal concoctions, and setting my morning alarm clock to go off 30 minutes early so I could go jog around the neighborhood in inclement weather before showering and heading to work.

None of those things in and of themselves were truly awful. In fact, most were likely beneficial to my overall health. However, they didnít begin to address what Iíve subsequently learned about the nature of health and personal wellbeing, which is the importance of the dynamic interplay between the physical body and the energy (often referred to as vital force, chi, qi, or prana) that animates it.

The relationship between our physical bodies and the nonphysical energy within and around us is paramount to our overall mental, emotional and physical state of health.

Paradoxically, the most gentle and powerful way that Iíve found to address both physical and nonphysical aspects of health is through the use of homeopathic medicine. Years of studying and practicing homeopathy has shown me that we each have one unique pattern of energy that relates in some way to our vital force. That unique pattern mirrors one substance from nature...a specific plant, mineral, or animal. When a person receives a homeopathic remedy made from the natural substance that most closely resonates with that pattern, these two similar energies cancel each other out. The result is often a greater awareness of the purity of the vital force, and the side-effect is better overall health. Patients have often described their experience of this in the following ways, "I feel more like myself", "I feel like Iím truly relaxed for the first time in my life", "I havenít felt this good since I was a child", "Iím more content", "Iím happier", "Iím less critical of myself and others", and "What did you say was in that stuff?"

This type of response typically results from what is often referred to as "constitutional remedy", meaning the remedy is based on an individualís overall make-up (mental, emotional, and physical). The constitutional remedy can act as disease prevention, and is often a disease cure.

Another use of homeopathy is to facilitate healing for acute ailments such as strains & sprains, bruising, colds & flus, earaches, burns, etc. The healing of acute ailments with homeopathy is typically rapid.

In my practice, I primarily focus on finding each personís constitutional homeopathic remedy, and use remedies for acute ailments only as necessary. On occasion, Iíll recommend to people that they "drink what they donít like, eat what they donít want, and do what they would rather not".

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