Prior to becoming a naturopathic physician, Dr. Smith was a public school science teacher. While maintaining a private medical practice, she returned to teaching part-time serving as an adjunct faculty member in the Integrative Health Care Program at Metropolitan State University of Denver (Colorado). She continues to enjoy teaching, and offers classes.

Dr. Smith is available to give introductory talks and conduct classes on homeopathic medicine. A seven person minimum is required. Discount rates are available to larger groups.

Classes offered (others available on request):

Homeopathy for Common Childhood Ailments:
This class is designed to educate parents about homeopathic medicine and offer them safe, effective ways to address bumps and bruises, scrapes, burns, earaches, runny noses, colic, and other common childhood ailments that need to be addressed, but don’t necessarily require a trip to a physician’s office.

Homeopathy for Athletes (and other active people):
This class is designed to teach coaches and athletes how to get back into action more quickly. Homeopathic medicine is a wonderful way to help relieve pain and reduce the healing time of common athletic injuries such as strains, sprains, bruising, fractures, tendon and ligament strains and tears.

Homeopathy for Health Care Professionals:
This class is designed for medical doctors, nurses, physicians’ assistants, mental health professionals, and other health care practitioners who are interested in learning more about the practice of homeopathic medicine.

Jennifer Smith, ND, DHANP, CCH
110 Stockton Street, Suite J
Statesville, NC
(704) 871-1229

To schedule classes:

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